ALOC positions are filled either through short term contract or a job competition pursuant to ALOC's collective agreement with the Government of Ontario.

Order of Placement/Eligibility

Where the Employer decides to fill a vacancy, the following order will be followed to fill the vacancy:

1 All ALOC/OCAA lawyers – regular and fixed term, and ALOC/OCAA lawyers on the Redeployment lists, but not individuals in the Articling Student Hireback pool;

2 Articling Student Hireback Pool Members;

3 Open competition, which competition will not be initiated unless there has been no qualified candidate at the earlier steps. The vacancy posting at Step 3 will not have a geographic area of search.

The vacancy posting at Steps 1 and 2 will have a geographic area of search. Any OPS lawyer residing outside the identified area of search may apply for the position. If they apply, they will be deemed to have waived entitlement to any relocation or travel expenses as a condition to gaining access to the competition process. Any OPS lawyer who applies to a posting at Step 3 shall have waived any entitlement to any relocation or travel expenses and no claim can be made for any expenses incurred during the decision to hire the employee into the position.