Michael Fleishman Crown Counsel Award Recipients

The following have been recognized as worthy recipients of the Michael Fleishman Crown Counsel Award for their exceptional dedication to public law, mentoring and promotion of harmony and camaraderie in their legal services branches.

Hayley Pitcher 2021 Ontario Court of Appeal
Nansy Ghobrial 2020 Crown Law Office-Civil
Harkamal Multani 2019 Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
Alana Georgas 2018 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Baaba Forson 2017 Crown Law Office – Civil
Jean-Noël Murphy 2016 Crown Law Office – Civil
Kristin Smith 2015 Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Kisha Chatterjee 2014 Crown Law Office, Civil
Graham Boswell 2013 Justice Policy Development Branch
Zachary Green 2012 Constitutional Law Branch
Shannon Chace 2011 Constitutional Law Branch
Liam Scott 2010 Ministry of Health and Long Term Care


All nominations will be considered by a Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is chaired by the President of ALOC and is composed of:

  • An ALOC member chosen by the President of ALOC, which will alternate between a litigator and solicitor;
  • A nominee from the Crown Law Office – Civil, chosen by the Director of CLOC;
  • The Deputy Attorney General (or his/her nominee); and
  • A judge who was previously employed in the civil service.

The Award is presented each year at the ALOC/Government of Ontario Annual Educational Conference.


Nominations should include one letter of nomination plus at least two supporting letters. Nominations may also include other supporting material. The consent of the nominee to his or her nomination must also be provided.