The Carol Creighton Award

The Carol Creighton Award for Contribution to Public Law is awarded annually to recognize an outstanding government lawyer for exemplary contribution to public service and the profession.

The award is to recognize a lawyer’s exceptional achievement in the Ontario public service either over a career or for specific contributions to public law.

Eligible recipients will include lawyers currently or previously employed by the Government of Ontario who have been ALOC members. This includes excluded lawyers (i.e., Ministry of Government Services lawyers) but does not include Crown Attorneys.

Carol Creighton Award Recipients

The following have been recognized as outstanding government lawyers for their exemplary contribution to public service and the profession as recipients of the Carol Creighton Award for Contribution to Public Law:

John Malichen-Snyder 2021 Ministry of the Solicitor General
Sara Blake 2020 Crown Law Office – Civil
Sari Teitelbaum 2019 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Brian G. Whitehead 2018 Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Elaine Ross 2017 Ministry of Munici[al Affairs and Housing
Hart Schwartz 2016 Constitutional Law Branch
Laura A. Hopkins 2015 Office of Legislative Counsel
Daphne Intrator 2014 Crown Law Office, Civil
Janet E. Minor 2013 Constitutional Law Branch
Kim Twohig 2012 Crown Law Office, Civil
Leslie McIntosh 2011 Crown Law Office, Civil
Jeff Levitt 2010 Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
John Twohig 2008 Justice Policy Development Branch
Michael Fleishman 2007 Crown Law Office, Civil
Mel Springman 2006 Ministry of Health
Dennis W. Brown 2005 Crown Law Office, Civil
Thomas H. Wickett 2003 Crown Law Office, Civil
Ralph H. Lewis 2002 Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations
Anu Church 2002 Ministry of Education
Donald Revell 2001 Office of Legislative Counsel
Tim McCabe 2000 Crown Law Office, Civil


The Selection Committee will be chaired by the President of ALOC and composed of the following individuals (pending their availability and willingness to participate):
  • one ALOC nominee;
  • one Constitutional Law Branch nominee;
  • the Deputy Attorney General (or his/her nominee); and
  • a judge who was previously employed in the civil service, to be selected by the Chair of the Committee in consultation with the Committee members.
In the event that any of the positions or organizations composing the Selection Committee ceases to exist, a member of the Selection Committee may be nominated or selected from the successor to that position or organization.


Nominations should include one letter of nomination plus at least two supporting letters. Nominations may also include other supporting material. The consent of the nominee to his or her nomination must also be provided.